July 16, 2016

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The Nous of Communitas is a highly creative altered state of consciousness that generates the emergence of novel forms and ideas. It represents a radical departure from the conventions of fixed identity and social hierarchy and an encounter with a unifying nous of cosmic dimension. 

The Process

The participants collaborated on a 4-part ritualistic process that induced the stages leading to communitas, involving the experience of auto-communication and allo-communication. 

The  ritualistic process commenced in a video room, which functioned as an 'initiation pod.'  It involved an introspection process through which each participant shed her known identity and transformed into a channel of communication which was allocated for her by a remote, initiating cyborg-entity, on the basis of her responses to the situation and to its questions.

Video clip from the interior of the Initiation Pod, which transpired inside a video chat room.

There are only a few scre...