Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum, which in Latin means “footsteps don’t go backwards" was the magical motto of Moina Mathers.  

Read an excerpt from my recently published article:

Moina Bergson Mathers (1865–1928) was the first female initiate of the Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn, which was co-founded in 1888 in London by her husband Samuel Liddell “MacGregor” Mathers. Moina Mathers developed, wrote, and disseminated unique forms of magical practice aimed at personal development, social change, and the advancement of women. She invested her artistic talents in the production of spirit drawings, ceremonial artifacts, and pioneering public performances termed as the Rites of Isis, which commenced in 1899 in Paris. In her role as a High Priestess in these theatrical events, and in her position as a principal teacher of the Golden Dawn system, she demonstrated, through personal example, the equal partnership of women and men in all matters, sacred and profane. Moreover, she emphasized her belief in...

Conferences, like sea waves, come and go but only a few succeed in leaving a lasting imprint behind, a magickal vestigia that continues to pulsate after they ended. It was certainly pulsating in the air during the Magickal Women Conference that, as many already remarked, has made history! The organisers Sue Terry and Erzebet Barthold produced and magickally weaved the groundbreaking context and the setting for talks, workshops and masterclass by women visionaries and occultists, academics, sages, artists and more with various diverse skills. The programme presented a syncretic arrangement of views and approaches to the study and exploration of women in occult traditions as well as women's innovative practices of occult magick and witchcraft, past and present, a melting-pot that could probably only happen at this moment in time. 1 June 2019 marked that moment in our current zeitgeist that makes Magickal Women of various traditions and ideologies historically and culturally fully visible...

In the forthcoming historic and groundbreaking Magickal Women Conference, I'll be giving a Masterclass on art and film as ritual-magick. It is an opportunity to share knowledge based on the legacies of two extraordinary women who have inspired my artistic practice and stimulated my academic, theoretical writings. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate the dynamics, forms and creative processes involved in the intersection of the arts and mystical/magickal practice and inner experience that are still regarded as subversive in traditional academic settings and rarely incorporated into programmes of study often simply due to the lack of time and also due to the unique areas of expertise, which are highly specialised.

In terms of film and magick, the more familiar work is of Kenneth Anger who has aesthetically integrated his occult practice of Thelema and his mode of film-making to generate magickal experience in the viewers. Less known is that Anger followed in the footsteps of the film...

Turn, turn, turn, she can already feel the oppression of the weight of the wheel on her body. The weight of life's journey is beginning to show. Has her ordeal begun? She hopes the troubled waters are behind her but little does she know.

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