"There is no real divide between art and science, since they both deal in metaphors".

Roy Ascott

Each artwork, concept, action, colour, rhythm, movement, sound, feedback, and other phenomena induce a resonance. Together the resonances may be perceived as a combined field of resonance. The resonance signals the attitude and influence of its system, it is a general mindset.  Instead of making trailers for the activity of the Cybernetic Futures Inst., I have taken intuitive measurements of its resonance by collecting samples from its system. The logic is non-linear and based on the quantum entanglements of elements in space-time that happen to feed-back on one another, particles or waves, depending on the system's attitude at any passing moment. 

The article proposes that the modern notion of the spiritual in art, which was theorized at the beginning of the twentieth century, although remains pivotal to the discourse of art and the spiritual, has r