Dr Lila Moore speaks with Alef Trust director, Dr Jessica Bockler on ‘The Shamanic Spirit in 21st Century Art, Culture and Technology‘, a new course offering from Alef Trust starting in February. To learn more about this open learning online course please visit: https://www.aleftrust.org/open-learning-list/technology-culture-and-consciousness/

Hermes Trismegistus has arrived in the academy in 1999 when Neo took the red pill, urging postmodern people to Wake-Up and reexamine their cultural narratives! The popular momentum of the Matrix film and media franchise coincided with the creation of the Centre for History of Hermetic Philosophy (HHP) of the University of Amsterdam, as explicated by the editors of the enlightening book: Hermes Explains.

Hermes Explains edited by Wouter J. Hanegrapaaff, Peter J. Forshaw and Marco Pasi. Published by Amsterdam University Press

Thirty years have passed, and as the editors state, this field of study gained  academic legitimacy after its battle has been won or at least some major obstacles have been removed. However, the mythic Egyptian sage Hermes Trismegistus, who represents the field of research known as "Western esotericism," has still a lot of explaining to do, the editors assert in a somewhat playful tone.  

Moreover, the editors declare that studying Western esotericism entails mo...

"Just before embarking on my journey to the moon, I looked at the earth from above, just one more time. And I was suddenly overwhelmed by unexplained wave of longings to earthlings. It felt like an addiction of sort, the desperate need for physical contact, or any contact really, with apps and phones. "

The paper utilises  technoetic aesthetics  and mystical  ecstatic Kabbalah in order to  reflect on Blade Runner 2049 and SpaceX Starman, the Tesla Roadster launch.

To read the full paper click, here

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