"Just before embarking on my journey to the moon, I looked at the earth from above, just one more time. And I was suddenly overwhelmed by unexplained wave of longings to earthlings. It felt like an addiction of sort, the desperate need for physical contact, or any contact really, with apps and phones. "

I am honoured to share the news of the recently published journal; A Tribute to the Messenger Shaman: Roy Ascott. It includes an article by me in which I explain my interrelations with Ascott's concepts as expressed in a body of works and theoretical writings. The title of my article is: The Shaman of Cybernetic Futures: Art, Ritual and Transcendence in Fields of the Networked Mind.  

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Turn, turn, turn, she can already feel the oppression of the weight of the wheel on her body. The weight of life's journey is beginning to show. Has her ordeal begun? She hopes the troubled waters are behind her but little does she know.

The second installment of digital poems of ritual-magic, celebrating the Pink Full Moon of April 2018. 

Lights in the Darkness was a multimedia piece inspired by Charles Baudelaire's poem The Desire to Paint. The protagonist assumed both the characters of the poet and his demonic double and muse, who since disappeared in the darkness of one unforgettable night, haunts his visions. These initial images of the double as a reflection or apparition hovering on or seemingly moving within physical and ethereal sites and interiors were my first explorations of moving within what I currently term as noetic fields of the mind.

Can the mind be separated from the body and the physical brain? Centrifuge Flight is a metaphor for a state in which body and mind separate in space-time though remain entangled in an unknown way.

Sightings of Selves in Fields is a performed photography piece. I was wandering in a deserted field near some ruined houses that became the reflection of my straying thoughts. Then, I saw it. I wasn't sure if it was a 'he' or a 'she' but it appeared human.

In this blog post I shall begin to unfold my journey towards my current vision of Cybernetic Futures. I'll be posting my personal story and my ideas in a series of segments that will include images and videos from my work as artist , theorist and educator.

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