The Video Ceremony celebrates the completion of the Film and Ritual course devised and led by Dr Lila Moore at the Department for BA in Mysticism and Spirituality (January, 2016). The video was inspired by themes discussed in the course relating to ritual consciousness off and on screen, and the language of film as ritual, which involves depersonalisation and the dissolution of ego-boundaries, stylised movement, tempo, altered sense of time and a brief experience of communitas.

The spontaneous ritualistic actions were performed by the students utilising movement vocabulary deriving from contact-improvisation, Chi Gong and the occult. The actions were captured on video by the participants and were edited along with visuals and music.

Edited by Lila Moore Lecturer: Film and Ritual Course


Omer Lahav

Oriya Shi

Yotam Elnatan

Shot by

Yotam Elnatan

Oriya Shi

Lila Moore

Music by: Sirius Beat - Lift Off


Music by: Sirius Beat - One

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