In honour of Maya Deren's 100th anniversary, The Cybernetic Futures Institute releases a series of mainly online lectures, classes and courses (though offline learning opportunities are available as well). Free introductory short lectures are also available on this page.


Maya Deren (1917-1961) was a groundbreaking, avant-garde filmmaker, the innovator of Choreo-Cinema, theorist of film and art, anthropologist, poet and ritualist. In 2017, Deren's work continues to inspire and impact artists, scholars and creatives from various fields interested in the interaction of film/video, dance and other contemporary hybrid art forms. Maya Deren's imagery and writings open a window to myriad worlds, generating thoughts, stories and myths about personal and communal experiences, identity, gender, our place in the world and the Universe, and the interrelations of art, technology, science and spirituality.

This year, Dr Lila Moore offers online classes and courses on Maya Deren . Her research of Maya Deren's work that began in 1989-90, formed the basis of her PhD which was awarded in 2001 and has also informed her recent postdoctoral project. She has presented many papers that address the work of Maya Deren in academic conferences, and articles that she wrote were published in peer-reviewed academic journals. She has also made films and artworks with reference to Maya Deren.

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