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Gaian Resurrections

Exhibition concept & trailer

Gaia Resurrections : Exhibition concept & trailer
Gaia Resurrections

Exhibition Concept

The exhibition Gaian Resurrections is designed as an online field and offline installation. Installation model available. The theme is designed for the concept of the Empathy Box. (White) Empathy Box, currently named Empathy Box, was initiated in 2020 as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This edition is based on the concept of Gaian Resurrections, see Exhibition’s abstract and online presentation.

Concept, digital artworks and films by Dr Lila Moore

Including the audiovisual piece After Chaos – Gaia the Immortal by the audiovisual artist Sonia Laura Armaniaco \\ §vonica

Curators interested in this exhibition and ccncept are welcome to contact Dr Lila Moore

Key words: resurrection, empathy box, technoetics, seeker_of true-files, Gaian, futures, mutation, goddess, screendance, fourth dimension, apocalypse, viral, Moina (Mina) Bergson Mathers


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