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The Cybernetic Futures Institute  19 Dr

The Cybernetic Futures Institute (CFI) is a networked, planetary platform and online academy for the exploration of  technoetics & technoetic arts, the spiritual and occult in art and film,  screen-dance, and networked-digital-interactive forms of performance. The platform's purpose is to provide educational and cultural services, Internet courses, online and offline workshops and Masterclass in the arts alongside creative explorations of human and cyborg consciousness in a technoetic context, utilising ritualistic, holistic cybernetic, digital interactive, syncretic and networked principles.

"The Cybernetic Institute is akin to a wandering space station, it functions as a bridge between the worlds, an elevated laboratory for the study of new horizons. It is a placeless habitation where interconnections can be made with and between worlds and monoliths of active knowledge. By being a threshold, the platform is a foundation for emergence and discovery, a portal for visionary flights in the fields of the mind".

The institution is a setting for experimentations and a lab of learning and testing ideas outside the learner's mainland, which pertains to the learner's ongoing habits of learning, work or education. As a field of knowledge, the CFI interacts with learners within the structure of existing academic institutions or as a mediation field or interface that allows learners from educational institutes as well as independent learners to participate in CFI's courses and programmes.

 "Art in reality has always been a spiritual exercise no matter what gloss prevailing political attitudes or cultural ideologies have forced upon it".

Roy Ascott

"Learning is a process of discovery, of finding contexts for ideas, and for making meanings. It is potentially an emergence portal for  new life and world building on personal and collective levels. This is what my students have said to me and this is what I have experienced both as a lifelong learner and as a person who engages others in the revelatory process of learning.  The CFI focuses on the intersection of  the spiritual  and the arts. It entails the role of the spiritual, magical, mystical  and occult in catalysing innovations and revolutions in diverse fields and as a relevant factor in the evolution of consciousness".

Lila Moore

The cybernetic foundations of the platform are informed by the 'Cybernetic Vision' of the British artist, theorist and educator Roy Ascott and by Gregory Bateson's holistic integration of 'Mind and Nature,' ecological anthropology and cybernetics. The ritualistic and shamanic-inspired element at the core of the platform's activity builds on the ritualistic form in art as theorised and profoundly depicted by the legendary film-maker, theorist and ritualist,

Maya Deren

The CFI  is based on Dr Lila Moore's practice-based post-doctoral project at the

Planetary Collegium of Plymouth University, and on her original theory of a Cybernetic Institute, which is embedded in noetic fields through Networked Rites,  Noetic Fields-Weaving  &

Learning Fields. These innovative concepts were published in academic articles and presented in

many conferences including The Consciousness Reframed Series.

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