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The Cybernetic Fields of Learning provide learners a participatory learning environment with perpetual feedback. The learner may choose to learn with learners or/and focus on an introspective mode of self-study in the remote islands that are distributed throughout the fields. All members are equally empowered and empowering beings who participate in the odyssey of art and consciousness.


In the Cybernetic Futures Institute, knowledge and information are conceptually embedded in Learning Fields. They are perceived as stored in the holons of morphic fields which extend beyond the human brain and the individual mind. By enrolling and participating in a CFI workshop or course you automatically become an integral part of the Learning Fields. Learning groups consist of five learners or divided into interconnected groups of five learners approximately. In addition, there is the option of taking a sole programme of study, or a custom-tailored course and coaching.


The Cybernetic Institute distributes a compassionate field of influence for education and nourishment of the individual and collective. It breeds, seeks and supports technoetic thought forms, arts and designs which will transcend the global dominant culture of violence and give it new meanings and visions. It stimulates the practice of compassion through the process of learning and making compassionately thinking and feeling art forms. Make these forms into the new visions and archetypes of culture. Envision the newly born art forms as the off-springs of powerful ritual magic that leaves the old myths of violence spiritless.






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Athens 22-29 May 2016

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