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Selected Artworks

by Lila Moore

The Serpentine Love Field


Concept: Digital noetic field created through Networked Rite




Serpentine Love Field is a resonance of an intentional field of compassionate love which was generated during online Networked Rites. Whenever the video is played, the resonance is activated through the streaming field. With time, the resonance is amplified and potentially becomes an attractor of similar resonances of love across space-time, beyond the arrow of time or the limits of terrestrial space. 
The streaming field was generated through the cybernetic interaction of five channels of perception: The Vision Channel, Motion Channel, Text Channel, Sound Channel and Intention Channel. These faculties of cognition channeled their feedback from the annual ceremony of the Holy Snakes of Mary in the island of Kefalonia, Greece. It is where people overcome traditional hostility for the creatures and hope for healing as they are embraced by their serpentine motion and touched by the smooth and elastic sensations of the snake's skin. 
The channeled contents were uploaded to cyber Introspection Pod, previously a video chat room, where they were activated with compassionate feelings, projected remotely by a few participants including Moonfiles, a Moon-based entity, and synchronized with the activity of the sun to amplify their intentional field. The Sound Channel added a stream of pink noise to amplify interconnectedness. The channels' contents were activated once every 9 Lunar Days before being released as a streaming field of compassionate love.













To activate the Serpentine Love Field  on this website enter

The  Chamber of Noetic Resonances

Video Ceremony


 Film as Ritual

Video Ceremony

Video Ceremony

The Initiation Pod for the Nous of Communitas


Concept: The video is a digital, networked cyber environment of an initiation pod. It was made through a networked ritualistic process in a video room. 

The Initiation Pod - Nous of Communitas

The Initiation Pod - Nous of Communitas

USB SHUFFLE SHOW - Institut für Alles Mögliche

Berlin, 2016

For info on the exhibition's concept click the show's website, here

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