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Networked Rites of Compassion are the home rites and a brand name of the CFI platform. The rites serve to regulate and deepen the participants' creative and learning processes through the equalising experience of communitas. Ultimately, the rites are designed to generate  Noetic Fields of Compassion that enhance the noetic capacity of the learners and the collaborative, cybernetic and holistic qualities of the learning environment. Proto-type Noetic Fields of Compassion aim at counteracting the prevalent narrative of violence. The Networked Rites take place in cyberspace through the collaborative interaction of the participants. The rites are based on protocols which the participants receive or co-create and on five channels of communication.


The practice of Networked Rites of Compassion offers ways to engage with the cultural themes of violence and compassion through creative behaviour and learning. It coincides with the CFI's commitment to explore and evolve the notion of the spiritual in art which also provides ample opportunities to engage with the study of violence and compassion through aesthetics. Moreover, the integration of these themes in Networked Rites and related educational classes on the spiritual in art and film assist in detaching them from specific ideologies and political agendas that often claim and exploit them.


The concept of Networked Rites of Compassion was initially presented by Lila Moore at the Becomebecome Masterclass in Kefalonia,Greece in 2014, and in the following presentations at the I-Node of Planetary Collegium, The A-Club in Athens, and at the Undivided Mind Conference at Plymouth University, 2015.  It was also the topic of the Masterclass: "Networked Rites and the Quest for Morphic Fields of Compassion" at the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture, 2015.

In 2016-2017, the concept of Networked Rites has continued to evolve into the notion of Timeless Noetic Fields and the practice of Noetic Fields-Weaving. Timeless Noetic Fields can be activated in The Chamber of Noetic Resonances.

Current Networked Rites are Invocations of new Timeless Noetic Fields and transpire in a designated video-room online. Join the mailing list to be notified on upcoming Networked Rites of Invocation.

Networked Rites of Compassion - Calendar of Rites


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