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The Nous Of Communitas

activating a compassionate and procreative ‘morphic resonance’ in the mind field

The Nous of Communitas Networked Workshop and Rite
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The Nous of Communitas, which was led by Dr Lila Moore during the BecomeBecome Masterclass in Athens, 2016, here.

The sessions you facilitated were extremely enriching, both as a group and individually. The journey from the response to violence - working as various channels responding to each other's work - to compassion, was simply beautiful. 


BecomeBecome  The participants

The Nous of Communitas is a highly creative altered state of consciousness that generates the emergence of novel forms and ideas. It represents a radical departure from the conventions of fixed identity and social hierarchy and an encounter with a unifying nous of cosmic dimension. In this networked seminar which takes place primarily online, though offlines sessions are also available,the participants join a ritualistic exploration of communitas through the aesthetics of violence and compassion. They are initiated and guided by a cyborg protocol into a creative learning process and ritual practice. In stages, they  experiment with the practice of contemplation as well as encounter the states of liminality and communitas.

Utilizing technoetic and cybernetic modes of auto-communication and allo-communication, they generate a network of streaming feedback amongst themselves and activate a compassionate and procreative ‘morphic resonance’ in their shared mind field. Overall, the seminar offers an auspicious environment for the cultivation of the participants’ practices, germinal ideas and projects, and for any attempt to counteract the prevalent narrative of violence through technoetic aesthetics and creative activity.


The Nous of Communitas Trailer

The video trailer of the Nous of Communitas is the result of a sole rite inside a video chat that functions as an Initiation Pod. It was filmed with two interrelated webcams and captures the rite's local and cyber environment (space-time) which is both physical and noetic.  The video is a recording of an auto-communication procedure which is a known phenomenon that occurs during the creative process of artists as well as in shamanic, spiritual or religious rituals. (See article by Lila Moore, 'Fields of networked mind: Ritual consciousness and the factor of communitas in networked rites of compassion',  published in Technoetic Arts: Journal of Speculative Research) The soundtrack of the video was added later. Hence, the video chat that functions as an Initiation Pod, is utilized in this case to invoke communication with noetic layers of the self or spiritual allies. The activity generates an altered state of consciousness which is reflected in the video recording of the visual field which the rite invoked. 

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