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Works on  Waterwheel - Interactive Platform

'Water e-Motion: Transformative Views' by Dr Lila Moore,

published in Water Views: Caring and Daring – Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2014 – 3WDS14 e-book, pp.122-130, See, pdf. 

Collaborative Networked Performance on Waterwheel -

Little Streams Make Big Rivers


Suzon Fuks

Lila Moore wrote an Overview on a number of presentations on Art, Activism and Science. The Overview can be accessed via the pdf in Chapter 3 - Activism, Art & Science – p.90

She also wrote an Overview on Performance that includes the networked performances: Metamorphosis by Atefeh Khas, Ebb & Throw by Bonnie Hart, and The Empress Tears by Pegi Marshall-Amundsen and Suzon Fuks. For, the Performance Overview, see  e-book , Chapter 8 - Performance, p. 44

In addition,She  also contributed to Suzon Fuks' article ' Little Streams Make Big Rivers', pp. 18-26.

 e-book: Water Views - Caring and Daring 



e-Water Rites - Enter

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Flowing - The Sea
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