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Selected Artworks

by Lila Moore


Opener of the Ways

Access Consciousness


Opener of the Ways, Access Consciousness is a series which experiments conceptually, aesthetically and experientially with noetic technology and

technoetic aesthetics that explore consciousness.

The Loa's Horse videos were made with the Choice Compass app for the purpose of weaving a noetic field embedded with auspicious intentions.

The concept was presented at Consciousness Reframed, The 19th International Research Conference in The Planetary Collegium’s Series, DeTao Shanghai Centre.  M50 Creative Park, Shanghai

The concept is detailed in the article:

Techno-Spiritual Horizons: Compassionate Networked Art Forms and Noetic Fields of Cyborg Body and Consciousness

The videos can be viewed on
 Chamber of Noetic Resonances
Stills from The Loa's Horse videos
Screenshot 2017-08-24 19.47.15