Chamber of Noetic Resonances is a non-local space-time devoted to the activation of Timeless Noetic Fields. The fields are comprised of digital files embedded with auspicious intentions which were induced during a process labeled as Networked Rites and Noetic Fields-Weaving. Whenever a field is played online through a remote encounter, its auspicious intentions are activated and become a resonance. The resonance may attract, or become entangled, with a similar resonance anywhere or anytime in space-time. Resonance may also trigger new resonances to evolve and manifest.

The Chamber of Noetic Resonances is a curated cyber site that allows visitors to activate Timeless Noetic Fields. New fields are gradually added and branded according to their noetic essence, such as Timeless Noetic Love Fields, Timeless Noetic Compassion Fields, Timeless Noetic Communitas Fields, etc. 

The Chamber of Noetic Resonances occasionally performs invocations to mark the activation of new fields in a designated video room online. These are announced on this website and via the monthly newsletter that is posted to subscribers.

Activation guidelines:

Once activating a video by clicking on play, it is recommended to contemplate the unfolding imagery and sound , avoid judgmental thinking as you enter a syncretic realm, breathe in and out, and envision a resonance of auspicious intention entering and revolving your space and time. If you wish, you can send back an auspicious intention to trigger and attract a further resonance. You can repeat the process by replaying the video.

Technoetic Concept and Aesthetics:

The Chamber of Noetic Resonances based on the concept of Noetic Field(s)-Weaving ™ through Networked Rites™  has been part of a practice-based research project that started in 2014. It is a technoetic concept combining technology with the exploration of consciousness as nous or noetic field. The theory that supports the chamber of Noetic Resonances is explained  in the article 'The Shaman of Cybernetic Futures: Art, Ritual and Transcendence in Fields of the Networked Mind' by

Dr Lila Moore.

The word noetic is derived from the Greek word nous, meaning mind, intelligence or ways of knowing. There is no exact equivalent in English. It refers to what is sometimes described as inner knowing, a kind of intuitive consciousness, or direct and immediate access to knowledge beyond what is available to our normal senses or the power of reason.

The idea of fields of consciousness, and that consciousness could be described in the form of fields,  is interlinked with Roy Ascott's notion of syncretic art as field, and correspond with field theories and theorists , e.g., The Global Consciousness Project, Rupert Sheldrake's theory of morphic resonance and morphic fields, Attila Grandpierre's theory on collective fields of consciousness, Ervin Laszlo's theory of the interconnected universe, and more.


Networked Rites of Invocation

Current Networked Rites are Invocations of  Timeless Noetic Fields and transpire in  designated video-rooms.

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