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Text & Concept by Dr Lila Moore

Presented @ 

The World in 2050

Nearly Carbon Neutral Conference

University of California, Santa Barbara

October 24 to November 14, 2016













In 2050, the Internet is no longer confined to computer screens, it exists everywhere and anywhere one may wish to engage with networks.  Starting as a mere web of communication and information, the Internet has become a cluster of multilayered environments, consisting of self-regulating, interconnected and independent semi-virtual worlds.  The phenomenon has perpetuated new modes of eco-noetic environmental technology and design with the potential to evolve beyond Earth, thus, proposing new cosmic horizons for humanity. This evolutionary trajectory initially triggered suspicion and fear. The increase in terrorists' attacks and all manners of global crime and cultural violence during the second and third decades of the century left a devastating legacy. However, at the margins of mainstream culture, other forces were at work consisting of networks artists, consciousness hackers, cyborg designers and innovators in science and technology that sought to holistically re-align the environment and the human body whilst evolving consciousness via tech-noetic practices and cyberception. By 2040s, eco-noetic technology and environmental design became mainstream, gradually reducing violence towards the environment and harnessing the emergence of novel compassionate cultural narratives. 

This talk  ventures beyond the proposed utopian plan for 2050 and commences with the theoretical research, processes and practical steps that could lead to the design and development of compassionate eco-noetic environments.

Link to the online conference  and website, here.

The following text is the transcript of the video lecture/paper. 

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