Academic & Creative Background

Dr Lila Moore is the founder of The Cybernetic Futures Institute (CFI), a networked platform for the exploration of technoetic arts with an emphasis on the spiritual and occult in art, film, screen-dance and networked-digital-interactive forms of  performance and narrative. She is an artist film-maker, screen choreographer, networked performance practitioner, technoetic ritualist

and visionary theorist.

The CFI is based on a body of theoretical writings and creative practice which constitutes her post-doctoral project at Planetary Collegium of Plymouth University (2014-2015). The CFI explores states of consciousness via the arts and in relation to spiritual, magickal-mystical, technologies and techniques in past and emergent art forms and movements. 


Dr Moore holds a practice-based Ph.D. degree in Dance on Screen from Middlesex University (2001) and an M.A. in Independent Film and Video from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. She researched film and the spiritual as Associate Research Fellow at London Metropolitan University, and  was a co-founder of the BA programme for Mysticism and Spirituality at Zefat Academic College, where she teaches courses on the intersection of film and media, art, and contemporary spiritualities, including the following courses: Film and Contemporary Spiritualities, Film and Ritual, Ritual and Screen-Dance, as well as  the Spiritual in  modern Art  and 21st century Digital and Electronic Interactive Art  Forms.

Dr Moore is a published author, and her writings include articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals. She regularly presents papers in international academic conferences and her artworks are on show in juried and curated exhibitions and in archives of contemporary art and film.


Getting Personal: Know Thyself 

Dr Lila Moore is a UK certified Life Coach and offers self-development including divination advice to women.  As a young woman in her twenties, she was mentored by a wise woman, Gypsy Romani, in London and provided numerous insightful Tarot readings which in turn enabled her to pay for her living expenses and peruse her academic studies and creative work. She thereby brings a wealth of experience and rich knowledge to her classes, lectures, workshops-masterclass and rites.






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Postal address: Dr Lila Moore
27 Dingley Place
London EC
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