Lila Moore and Owen Fender are the co-recipients of the The Alef Trust Conscious Community Project (CCP), supported by Fondation Salvia.

Together we are building Sentient –Share Deeper, A New Kinder Media.

Written by Lila Moore and Owen Fender

We intend to create Sentient: a nurturing, creative, shared environment where participants can connect with each other on a deeper level than permitted on existing social media.  Going beyond status updates, photos and memes, users will be empowered to respond to collective experiences with feelings, sensations, intuitions, and perceptions, which will have an immediate impact on the nature of the experience, enabling a transformation of consciousness. By using abstract, poetic and archetypal forms of expression such as colour, sound, text, image, and movement, users will be free to connect with each other holistically from the core of their being to create something new. They will have an authentic voice that will be heard in an honest environ...

Dr Lila Moore in conversation with Dr Jessica Bockler & Prof. Les Lancaster. Sunday 30th August, 19:00-20:00 BST.  This dialogue explores the emerging roles of art and artists during and after the lockdown. We will consider the realigning of earth and heart during the quarantine: restoring balance through the archetypes of art. Art, technology and the caring cultivation of the Noosphere have valuable contributions to make during these changing times.

We look forward to opening the dialogue to include questions and discussion from participants, learning from each other as we envision the unfolding of a different future. There is no fee to join the event, although a voluntary donation to support our public programmes is appreciated. Please register for the event using the link below.


Fields of Origin: Viral Outbreak and the Sprouts of Novelty
Concieved, created, shot and edited by Lila Moore
Acquired Immunity Online Exhibition by FEMeeting Women in Art, Science and Technology
FEMeeting WEB 2020 | Antibodies

Friday May 29th 2020, Troy, NY and 10pm in Paris, France
Online exhibition:

Unique webpage:

Join us for this online event in which Alef Trust faculty share visions for a world transformed through the Covid-19 emergency

 As the first phase of the Corona pandemic seems to be coming to a close, with ‘lockdown’ being eased in many countries, many are asking, What’s next? How we answer this question largely depends on how we understand the meaning of Corona. If it is simply a virus, then we proceed with caution back to our old ways. From a transpersonal perspective, however, we understand that the whole complex of responses brought about by the virus indicates directions in which we must travel. Many features of the Covid-19 pandemic and of the worldwide response to it, can only be fully understood as harbingers of a global re-balancing of values. At this time of transition, the collective psyche is urging us towards a more soulful future, in which our cultures regain a sustainable relationship to the natural world of which we are but a small part. The values and paradigms that ser...

New Exhibition #01 White Empathy Box @ White Page Gallery/s

 The course The Shamanic Spirit in 21st Century Art, Culture and Technology has started with a group of MSc students and Open Learners. These are screen-shots from the first live webinar with the participation of students (Images of students can't be displayed here).

Art, Culture & Technology  MSc & Open Learning 

Course Website:

Note: The course is available to Open Learners 

Ephemeral space-time consists of transient interiors and exteriors devoted to spiritual and religious practices, magical and ritualistic activity. Located in different geographic locations, they appear on screen as digital, techno-spiritual units of space-time that fade in and out of view, inviting the fleeting visitors to ponder their remoteness and the mystery of their noetic entanglement.  As a grid, these displaced and unstable sites generate a cybernetic field of consciousness that desires to resonate with wandering minds on the web, beyond the arrow of time, and far away in mythic places and visionary realities. The syncretic field is in constant evolution, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, responding to the rhythms of quantum synchronicities. 

Online Exhibition, here

The medium of film has an embodied dimension for me. The image  (see below) of a young man covered with film strips is from a 16mm film named Traps, which I made in 1990. The man is standing in a London scrapyard, wrapping the film strips on his body ecstatically to the sound of Tibetan monks chanting. It was a film-ritual, which was followed by a live performance in conjunction with the projected film. 

The filmmaker William Raban, who was sometimes behind the film projector, during live performances of Traps, was my tutor who encouraged me to pursue my practice. Raban has been an inspiration as a filmmaker as well as a model of a great teacher. He is the type of teacher who will push you in the direction of your limits so that you cross them.   

William Raban interview

 Houseless Shadow by William Raban, Trailer

 London Republic by William Raban

Uploaded to vimeo 2 months before the referendum, London Republic is a satirical fairytale - a political provocation that invites the a...

Dr Lila Moore speaks with Alef Trust director, Dr Jessica Bockler on ‘The Shamanic Spirit in 21st Century Art, Culture and Technology‘, a new course offering from Alef Trust starting in February. To learn more about this open learning online course please visit:

New from the series Digital Poems of Ritual Magic

Resurgence 2020

When the cat left her imprint

on the Paleolithic cave's wall

to possess a body,

Sekhmet was awakened

and born from her stony flesh.

The dreamers

saw the feline-woman quenching her thirst

with the blood of the flooding Nile,

reclining on the back of a crocodile,

weaving into a papyrus scroll

the myths of civilizations and eons.

The lotus dreamers

dreamt of her being carried to the muddy shore

on the back of a crocodile,

a cat hidden by papyrus plants,

breathing eternal life

into the mouth of her priestess.

Watch the video, here

Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum, which in Latin means “footsteps don’t go backwards" was the magical motto of Moina Mathers.  

Read an excerpt from my recently published article:

Moina Bergson Mathers (1865–1928) was the first female initiate of the Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn, which was co-founded in 1888 in London by her husband Samuel Liddell “MacGregor” Mathers. Moina Mathers developed, wrote, and disseminated unique forms of magical practice aimed at personal development, social change, and the advancement of women. She invested her artistic talents in the production of spirit drawings, ceremonial artifacts, and pioneering public performances termed as the Rites of Isis, which commenced in 1899 in Paris. In her role as a High Priestess in these theatrical events, and in her position as a principal teacher of the Golden Dawn system, she demonstrated, through personal example, the equal partnership of women and men in all matters, sacred and profane. Moreover, she emphasized her belief in...

Hermes Trismegistus has arrived in the academy in 1999 when Neo took the red pill, urging postmodern people to Wake-Up and reexamine their cultural narratives! The popular momentum of the Matrix film and media franchise coincided with the creation of the Centre for History of Hermetic Philosophy (HHP) of the University of Amsterdam, as explicated by the editors of the enlightening book: Hermes Explains.

Hermes Explains edited by Wouter J. Hanegrapaaff, Peter J. Forshaw and Marco Pasi. Published by Amsterdam University Press

Thirty years have passed, and as the editors state, this field of study gained  academic legitimacy after its battle has been won or at least some major obstacles have been removed. However, the mythic Egyptian sage Hermes Trismegistus, who represents the field of research known as "Western esotericism," has still a lot of explaining to do, the editors assert in a somewhat playful tone.  

Moreover, the editors declare that studying Western esotericism entails mo...

Conferences, like sea waves, come and go but only a few succeed in leaving a lasting imprint behind, a magickal vestigia that continues to pulsate after they ended. It was certainly pulsating in the air during the Magickal Women Conference that, as many already remarked, has made history! The organisers Sue Terry and Erzebet Barthold produced and magickally weaved the groundbreaking context and the setting for talks, workshops and masterclass by women visionaries and occultists, academics, sages, artists and more with various diverse skills. The programme presented a syncretic arrangement of views and approaches to the study and exploration of women in occult traditions as well as women's innovative practices of occult magick and witchcraft, past and present, a melting-pot that could probably only happen at this moment in time. 1 June 2019 marked that moment in our current zeitgeist that makes Magickal Women of various traditions and ideologies historically and culturally fully visible...

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