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Networked Rites - Videos

The Pilgrim's Account from the Serpentine Field, 2015-2016


By Dr Lila Moore 

The Pilgrim's Account videos unfold the pilgrim's journey as mediated by the serpents that open the gateways between the realm of Earth and the realm of the cosmic deep mind.


The videos were made as part of the Serpentine Love Field - Networked Rites which coincided with the annual ceremony of the Holy Snakes of Mary in the island of Kefalonia in Greece. It is where people overcome traditional hostility for the creatures and hope for healing as they are embraced by their serpentine motion and touched by the smooth and elastic sensations of the snake's skin. The ceremony is a pilgrimage event and the videos depict the perspective of the pilgrim which is expressed through passages from her diary presented as

The Pilgrim's Account. 


The pilgrim's trail, her journey, is mediated by the serpents that mythically open the gateways between the realm of the elements of Earth and the noetic realm of nous which pertains to a planetary and cosmic deep mind. The noetic realm is the mind which gives rise to revelatory and visionary consciousness undisturbed by intellectual reasoning or mundane thoughts

and actions.

The encounter with the serpents during the pilgrimage opens up a three-fold trail and the three stations that are the states of consciousness of ordeal, liminality and communitas.

The Pilgrim's Account

The Pilgrim's Account

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