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Works on  Waterwheel - Interactive Platform














Nirvana - I Never Lost Control

By Hannes Bend.

Curator text by Dr Lila Moore, here

Water Works 2016, The Waterwheel Platform

Submerge by Cheryl Maeder.

Curator Dr Lila Moore

Water Works 2016, The Waterwheel Platform


Shared Memories of a Disembodied Mobile Phone
HOT WATER — Water, Peace & War, Waterwheel, 2015 
Online exhibition
Curator: Alberto Vazquez






Additional text, here



'Water e-Motion: Transformative Views', published in Water Views: Caring and Daring – Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2014 – 3WDS14 e-book, pp.122-130

The book can be downloaded for free here:

Excerpt from the video Spirit Tree by Lila Moore, see link to media:







Collaborative Networked Performance on Waterwheel - Little Streams Make Big Rivers by

Suzon Fuks, see link to media:


















Lila Moore wrote an Overview on a number of presentations on Art, Activism and Science. The Overview can be accessed via the link to Chapter 3 - Activism, Art & Science – p.90

She also wrote an Overview on Performance that includes the networked performances: Metamorphosis by Atefeh Khas, Ebb & Throw by Bonnie Hart, and The Empress Tears by Pegi Marshall-Amundsen and Suzon Fuks. The Performance Overview can be read below, see pdf,  Chapter 8 - Performance, p. 44

In addition,

She  also contributed to Suzon Fuks' article ' Little Streams Make Big Rivers', pp. 18-26.






The article  Water E-motion Transformative Views can be read here, See PDF file, 

Chapter 3 - Activism, Art &  Science, pp.122-130






























Flowing - The Sea
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e-Water Rites - Enter

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