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Here you will find links to additional contents and articles which are not available on the main website pages. This is work in progress as the archive is being built and updated.

New features – Here you will find links to new blog posts, news and features

Eco-Noetic Environments

Networked and Compassionate Eco-Noetic Environments - Art, Technology Design and Education Beyond Utopia

Video lecture & transcript, here. 

The World in 2050

University of California, Santa Barbara

October 24 to November 14, 2016

Website: here

Techno-Spiritual Horizons, Consciousness Reframed Conference, November 2016,  here.  


Nirvana_I never Lost Control, blog post, here.


Waterwheel, e-Water Fields & Eco-Noetic Environments, here.

Fields of Origin - Planetary Collegium, Next Nature Poster Exhibition: Poster & Text, here.  

Film and Ritual - Video Ceremony, here.  

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