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Noetic Fields-Weaving & Tracing: A New Series of Networked Rites [Phase II]

Noetic Field Weaving & Tracking, Lila Moore, 2014-2018

This is an open call to participate in a new series of Networked Rites which will involve 'Noetic Fields Tracing' in conjunction with the Global Consciousness Project's worldwide network.

What are Networked Rites? What is the Purpose of Networked Rite? What are Noetic Fields and What is Noetic Fields-Weaving?

Networked Rites are online ritualistic-creative-cybernetic interactions which take place in a shared cyber environment, e.g., cyber video room or specially designed and curaed cyber space.

Networked Rites are international global online events. They involve a group of participants that collectively weave digital, metaphorical or speculative, noetic field, which will be tracked and measured via the Global Consciousness Project network. Networked Rites presents an opportunity for artists and creatives of all disciplines, holistic/spiritual practitioners, cybernetic systems researchers, emphatic and compassionate intenders, etc., to come together online on a designated day and time in order to generate an intentional field of influence, a resonance, made of sound, vision, movement, text and intention.

Each Networked Rite is based on a protocol which is utilized by a group of remote participants. The protocol details the procedure of the rite and the participants' roles.

Each participant is assigned to a Channel of cognition, expression and broadcast. Networked Rites are based on five channels as follows: The Vision Channel, The Movement Channel, the Sound Channel, the Scribe/Text Channel, and The Intention Channel. Hence, a musician or composer may wish to be assigned to the sound channel and a meditation or holistic, shamanic practitioner may be assigned to the Intention channel. Movement practitioner may wish to be assigned to the Movement Channel, etc. Participants in more than one session may also switch channels.

The actual interactions online and between the channels will be explained in the protocol to the active participants. Networked Rites requires active participation for approximately 45 minutes per session. Participants may commit to one or more sessions or choose to participate in the entire series.

Currently, participation only requires stable Internet connection and webcam. Otherwise, it is cost-free, though entails investment in time and talent. Participants will receive credit for their participation in all publications, public presentations of this work, and on the digital recordings of the sessions. Participants will also receive free educational online training in Networked Rites. The online sessions will be coordinated to accommodate the international participants' time-zones to the best of our ability.

The concept of Noetic Field(s)-Weaving™ through Networked Rites has been part of a practice-based research project that started in 2014. It is a technoetic concept combining technology with the exploration of consciousness as nous or noetic field.

​The word noetic is derived from the Greek word nous, meaning mind, intelligence or ways of knowing. There is no exact equivalent in English. It refers to what is sometimes described as inner knowing, a kind of intuitive consciousness, or direct and immediate access to knowledge beyond what is available to our normal senses or the power of reason.

​The idea of fields of consciousness, and that consciousness could be described in the form of fields, correspond with field theories and theorists, e.g., The Global Consciousness Project, Rupert Sheldrake's theory of morphic resonance and morphic fields, Attila Grandpierre's theory on collective fields of consciousness, Ervin Laszlo's theory of the interconnected universe, Roy Ascott's technoetic notion of the hypercortex ,and more.

During Networked Rites, digital fields comprised of the channel's input including their auspicious intentions are generated. It is speculated that whenever a field is played online through a remote encounter, its auspicious intentions and field of compassion are re-activated and become a resonance. The resonance may attract, or become entangled, with a similar resonance anywhere or anytime in space-time. Resonance may also trigger new resonances to evolve and manifest. In principle, noetic-fields are resonances folded anywhere in space-time that may counteract, and hopefully investigate, the dominant, global narrative of violence.

The overall nature of the interactions is explained in this blog through previous Networked Rites, here and here, and on this website, here, and here (to access the article Fields of Networked Mind : Ritual Consciousness and the Factor of Communitas in Networked Rites of Compassion you need to register to the CFI list, here. Once registered, you will be entitled to access the article.

There is no need to commit to participate in all Networked Rites sessions. Those interested in participating, please email us. To express your interest just write: I would like to participate in Networked Rites. Send this message, here.

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