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Resonance from the Field of Cybernetic Futures

"There is no real divide between art and science, since they both deal in metaphors".

Roy Ascott

Resonance #1 from the Field of Cybernetic Futures

Each artwork, concept, action, colour, rhythm, movement, sound, feedback, and other phenomena induce a resonance. Together the resonances may be perceived as a combined field of resonance. The resonance signals the attitude and influence of its system, it is a general mindset. Instead of making trailers for the activity of the Cybernetic Futures Inst., I have taken intuitive measurements of its resonance by collecting samples from its system. The logic is non-linear and based on the quantum entanglements of elements in space-time that happen to feed-back on one another, particles or waves, depending on the system's attitude at any passing moment.

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