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Corona and Beyond: Transitioning to a New Paradigm

Corona and Beyond: Transitioning to a New Paradigm

Join us for this online event in which Alef Trust faculty share visions for a world transformed through the Covid-19 emergency

As the first phase of the Corona pandemic seems to be coming to a close, with ‘lockdown’ being eased in many countries, many are asking, What’s next? How we answer this question largely depends on how we understand the meaning of Corona. If it is simply a virus, then we proceed with caution back to our old ways. From a transpersonal perspective, however, we understand that the whole complex of responses brought about by the virus indicates directions in which we must travel. Many features of the Covid-19 pandemic and of the worldwide response to it, can only be fully understood as harbingers of a global re-balancing of values. At this time of transition, the collective psyche is urging us towards a more soulful future, in which our cultures regain a sustainable relationship to the natural world of which we are but a small part. The values and paradigms that served us in past ages are no longer fit for purpose; We are being urged to find the key for living in a truly global era.

In this free webinar, Faculty from the Alef Trust will present their insights into the current situation informed by transpersonal perspectives and practices. Short individual presentations will be followed by a panel discussion, including contributions and questions from attendees.

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