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USB activation of prototype morphic field

The Serpentine Field

Lila Moore's USB with a prototype morphic field sample is on show and available for activation @


March 4-6, 2016 @ Abteilung für Alles Andere / Berlin

The USB contains a video file with prototype morphic field of compassion. It is comprised of footage from the Feast of the Holy Snakes of Mary in Kefalonia, Greece and its surroundings, and images of the sun's activity from the day of the feast and from the days in which the images were edited. To produce the morphic field, the images were embedded with compassionate intentions during networked rites on the Waterwheel platform.

As a digital file, the prototype morphic field could be utilized to induce compassionate intentions or environments in any setting in space-time. The compassionate intentions in the field are immaterial and therefore do not occupy any physical or digital space. The USB may be perceived as a symbolic container, yet it also functions as a digital signature and tracer of a morphic field phenomenon that is currently invisible and immeasurable. The USB is the external key to the morphic field which is neither external nor internal, it is within and without the device. The USB is the tech envelope of a noetic quanta. Through the repeated use of the USB, plus digital file activation/play, the users are also activating the prototype field and increasing its potential to induce a morphic resonance. Thus the prototype field is multiplying itself and in a process of becoming an autonomous noetic field.

Images from USB

The Institut für Alles Mögliche (Institute for all sorts of things) is one of Berlin’s most innovative project spaces. Artist and founder Stefan Riebel established different artist residencies and exhibition spaces in Neukölln, Wedding and Mitte, with the aim of organizing artistic experiments rather than displaying art in a conventional way.

Images from the show:

The USB-SHUFFLE-SHOW Concept, See Link:

The concept of proto-type morphic fields of compassion derives from Lila Moore's postdoctoral project at the Planetary Collegium of Plymouth University during 2014-2015.

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