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'SKULL - Electric Water' Digital Poems of Ritual-Magic

Electrical rays are being sent towards your skull.

I send electrical rays towards your skull.

Beloved soul.

From underground caves engulfed in shadows,

silent steps near the deserted cold walls.

Beloved Soul. Lost in the big cave.

I will go to drown my sorrow in the Nile.


I will go to drown my sorrow.

In the mud you are dying between the caves' walls,

in the mud you died.

I will go to drown my sorrow in the water,

I will go between the wet walls.

In the mud you are perishing, stung by scorpions.

I will go to drown my sorrow in the Nile.

Now, I am drowning my sorrow.

Beloved Soul.

The text entitled 'Skull' derives from 'Electric Water', a multimedia performance designed for five characters that act in a deserted world in which human and cultural values lost, or were emptied of, their conventional meanings. Through the interaction of the participating characters, fragments of reality and culture are resurrected in inverted and absurd order.

The text is part of a new series entitled: Digital Poems of Ritual-Magic.

This is the fifth post in the series Fields of Origin – My journey Towards Cybernetic Futures, which includes text and images from my early works. These creative concepts are mentioned in my practice-based PhD thesis as they gradually led me to explore further.

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