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By Beauty Maker of Her-Story Faces I touch the faces of the invisibles, the ones that fooled time, a touch of rose blush, a touch of lip balm, a touch of eye shadow, a soft touch of velvet makeup for everlasting beauty…

Selfie-Resurrect By Dr Lila Moore

Beauty Maker of Her-Story Faces is the name behind the mysterious brand Selfie-Resurrect. It resonates "the porous body" digital-cyber-networked-performative art exhibition as a way of answering "where is the body porous and where does it coagulate?" Beauty Maker of Her-Story Faces is seeking greater, ceremonial meanings in the work of a beauty blogger.

Beauty Maker of Her-Story Faces specializes in rebel women's portraits; women who have fooled Time and History through their-Story Faces.

These women are porous, morphogenic thought-forms, covert in the folders of space-time like digital mummies, preserved in digits of aesthetics and novelty.

Beauty Maker of Her-Story Faces applies freshly prepared make-up to centuries-old cliental, utilizing porous cosmetics that conceal the aesthetics of history and maintain the perpetual persona of Her-Story Face. Selfie-Resurrect everlasting is naturally a devotional service.

Online Exhibition: "the porous body" curated by Peripheral Forms - Jah Justice 31 March - 14 April, 2019

Online Exhibition

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