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Corona & Beyond: Art as a Planetary Garden of Cmpassionate Novelty

Corona & Beyond: Art as a planetary garden of compassionate novelty

Dr Lila Moore in conversation with Dr Jessica Bockler & Prof. Les Lancaster. Sunday 30th August, 19:00-20:00 BST. This dialogue explores the emerging roles of art and artists during and after the lockdown. We will consider the realigning of earth and heart during the quarantine: restoring balance through the archetypes of art. Art, technology and the caring cultivation of the Noosphere have valuable contributions to make during these changing times.

We look forward to opening the dialogue to include questions and discussion from participants, learning from each other as we envision the unfolding of a different future. There is no fee to join the event, although a voluntary donation to support our public programmes is appreciated. Please register for the event using the link below.

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